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i’m rly happy about mossy river banks

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Title: Rift Artist: Downpour 2,414 plays


My band released our first single today.

This is our Facebook

And this is our Bandcamp where you can download it for free. (Choose $0 when you click name your price)

Likes on our facebook would be highly appreciated!

Please reblog/share/tell your friends or anything we’ve been working on finally releasing something for a while now and it’d mean a lot to us.

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🎀 Such Easter very wow 🎀


Anonymous asked: I'd date you anyway, seeing your butt would be a bonus. Please, you don't even know how bad I want to see

Alright idk why you’d wanna date me, but I’m sorry, you can’t see my butt. It’s not even that great of a butt.

Anonymous asked: I'd date you if I could:( please

You’d date me just to see my butt? Lol

Anonymous asked: Have to see your butt. Please please

Dude there are plenty of other butts you can look at

Anonymous asked: How many followers do you have?

Somewhere between 100 and 1,000

Anonymous asked: It's just an ass, your face doesn't even have to be in it. You should be positive, you're gorgeous!

Thank you, but I’m still gonna have to pass. You can see my butt all you want (IRL!) if you date me.

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and i am boots made of concrete

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spank my ass but also kiss my forehead and tell me I’m cute

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